The various races available to you within AstroMUD come with certain pros and cons.

The below breakdown will help you decide what race to pick when selecting your character.

  • Djinn

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are

    Int: (15/4)
    Wis: (15/4)
    Dex: (15/2)
    Con: (16/0)
    Cha: (13/2)
    Str: (16/3)

    Djinn are a race of genie that originated in the elemental plane of air, this allows them the power to walk through walls as well as the ability to fly. Most of them are hostile, although some can be friendly. Although you should be wary, for even a friendly Djinn is unpredictable and certainly anyone who breaks an agreement with a Djinn will strongly regret it. They have bluish skin and eyes that glow like lightning which gives them the ability to see in the dark. When a Djinn access their casting powers, their eyes and hands glow blue or their tattoos move and extend down their arms. This gives them the ability to be more efficient magic users. There is a myth that Djinn grant wishes, this is however false. Instead, they send their victims into a fantasy universe where they believe their wish has been granted while the djinn sucks them of their essence.

    Racial affects: Fly, Infra-vision and passdoor

  • Dragon

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are

    Int: (14/1)
    Wis: (14/1)
    Dex: (16/2)
    Con: (16/4)
    Cha: (12/2)
    Str: (18/4)

    The origin of this race is unknown, the current myths seem to relate them to the fire mountains far to the south, since they have the ability to withstand EXTREME heat, and often times seem to glow in the dark. Many years ago when dragons were in abundance people have actually said they would breath fire and engulf entire villages in flames. They have narrow mirror- like eyes that are the color of smoke. Historians have said that these mirror-like eyes allow them to see in the dark. Dragons have gigantic, wide-set, frill-like wings running from their shoulders to the middle of their tail. Although most have never actually encountered one of these amazing creatures, there are many stories of their destructive nature.

    Racial Traits: Resistant to heat, infra-vision, fly.

  • Dwarf

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are:

    Int: (14/0)
    Wis: (16/1)
    Dex: (15/2)
    Con: (15/4)
    Cha: (14/2)
    Str: (16/4)

    Dwarves are a short and stocky race, and stand about a foot shorter than most humans, with wide, compact bodies that account for their above average constitution as well as leads to their ability to regenerate at an above average rate. Legend has it that dwarves are both tough and wise yet they have below average intelligence. Dwarves are a stoic but stern race, they carve their cities in hearts of mountains and fiercely defend them. During the winter months their underground cities become very cold and likewise in the summer they become extremely hot, this is why dwarfs have the ability to resist heat and resist cold. Their underground lairs are made entirely of Stone and over the centuries their bodies have evolved to match their surroundings.

    Racial Traits: Resist Heat, Resist Cold.

  • Elf

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are:

    Int: (18/4)
    Wis: (15/2)
    Dex: (16/4)
    Con: (13/1)
    Cha: (15/2)
    Str: (13/3)

    This race is famous for being excellent archers as well as magicians, however they do not grow very strong due to their small and often times fine bone structure. Many elves feel bond with nature and strive to live in harmony with the natural world. Even though, they find manipulating earth and stone to be distasteful they have mastered the art of defense. They also have an inborn patience making them suited to wizardry. This is the reason why they have the ability to detect any magic within the realm. Elves who dwell in a region for period of time find themselves physically adapted to match their surroundings, most noticeably is their ability to see in the dark.

    Racial Traits: Detect magic, ability to see in the dark.

  • Ghost

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are:

    Int: (17/3)
    Wis: (17/3)
    Dex: (18/4)
    Con: (12/1)
    Cha: (9/0)
    Str: (11/3)

    Ghosts are a race of supernatural entities, the spirits of the undead damned to walk the earth as mist-like beings. For this reason ghosts get some very big advantages such as the ability to walk through walls, the ability to fly, ability of natural invisibility, and they cannot be tracked. Ghosts are extremely evil beings, and are among the more intelligent of the undead. They are non-corporeal, appearing as only two glowing red eyes in the darkness, some say their eyes glow red because they have the ability to see in the dark. Due to the fact that they are apparitions they have below average constitution and strength, but it allows them to breath

    Racial Traits: Passdoor, no-track, infra-vision, fly, invisibility, Ability to breath underwater.

  • Goblin

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are

    Int: (12/0)
    Wis: (13/1)
    Dex: (18/3)
    Con: (14/0)
    Cha: (16/4)

    Goblins are small humanoids, that are crafty and shrewd , bearing an overwhelming interest in the mechanics of weapons. Despite their seemingly chaotic natures, they exist in a fairly strict and straightforward hierarchy. Other races view goblins as investors or merchants but in actuality they prefer to focus on technological advancements. Some say that their advantage and their curse is that they are primary users of weapons in a world governed by magic. They
    employ vast teams of engineers who expand on current technology and produce gadgets to suit a wide array of applications. Due to this they have the ability to get a little extra out of the weapons that they have tweaked. Goblins have a good grasp of tactics and strategy, and are masters of siege warfare.

    Racial Traits: Resist Heat, Resist Cold, No-disarm

  • Human

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are:

    Int: (15/2)
    Wis: (15/2)
    Dex: (15/2)
    Con: (15/2)
    Cha: (15/2)
    Str: (15/3)

    Humans possess exceptional drive and have a great capacity to endure and expand, and as a result they are currently the dominant race in the World. Their empires and nations are vast and sprawling because of their capacity to learn. The physical characteristics of humans
    are as varied as the world's climates. From the dark-skinned tribesman of the southern regions to the pale and barbaric raiders of the Northern lands, humans possess a wide variety of skin colors, body types, and facial features. Due to the fact that humans have universities they have the ability to learn any subject at a very high level, although with this ability comes a sacrifice.

    Racial Traits: None.

  • Pixie

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are:

    Int: (18/4)
    Wis: (18/3)
    Dex: (16/3)
    Con: (11/1)
    Cha: (16/4)
    Str: (11/3)

    Little creatures whose minds are as fleeting as their wings, they exhibit extreme curiosity, almost to the point of suicide at times, and more often than not are annoying. Pixies are Faerie creatures, and can usually be found playing in dales and glades throughout the
    forest and mountains, where ever there is a Faerie ring, there is a Pixie. These small creatures were once hunted, and treasured as delicate pets by the wealthy, however, in recent years they have developed into a race that is almost impossible to corner and catch.
    Most Pixies are very beautiful and can be very persuasive when they need to be. Historians have written many tales about the above average intelligence and wisdom of the pixie race and how it makes them very suitable for magical based classes.

    Racial Traits: Fly.

  • Tiefling

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are:

    Int: (18/2)
    Wis: (18/2)
    Dex: (18/2)
    Con: (12/3)
    Cha: (3/2)
    Str: (11/3)

    Tieflings are a ancient race of half-demons. No two Tieflings are exactly alike, even though they all have wings, only some have tails, some have claws, some have horns or any number of physical deformities. Being generally scrawny they have the reputation of
    being very scrappy during a fight. This usually lends itself to being able to getting in a few extra attacks every now and again. However since they are rather ugly they tend to be a little low on charisma and are mostly avoided because of their strong odor.

    Racial Affects: Infra-vision, fly, resist heat, hide

  • Troll

    (Max/Base) Stats for this race are:

    Int: (13/0)
    Wis: (13/0)
    Dex: (15/1)
    Con: (18/4)
    Cha: (9/1)
    Str: (18/4)

    Trolls are a hideous and evil humanoid race, standing anywhere from six to nine feet tall, trolls come in a variety of different species. The common troll generally has dark brown to black colored, rubbery thick skin which protects them from intense heat or chilling cold. They are distinguished by their long noses and deep sunken eyes. Trolls lack the advanced intelligence or wisdom of such races as humans or elves, but what they lack in wisdom and intelligence they make up for in Strength and constitution. Astronian trolls worship an evil Troll Lord and often sacrifice their food (usually live faeries or elves) to the mighty Sliggorth, and in return he gives them the ability of troll regeneration. Trolls usually live in forests and swamplands, but it is not uncommon to find a troll in other lands. Where there are humanoids, usually there are trolls hunting them.

    Racial Traits: Resist Heat, Resist Cold