Items I Own
Fins Scubapro Twin Jet Adjustable (Yellow)
Snorkel Oceanic Ultradry Snorkel
Mask Tusa HyperDry Imprex
Wetsuit ScubaPro 0.5mm Profile Steamer
Boots Deep Blue High Rise Zippered Boots
Deep Blue Low Rise Slip On Boots
Spear Gun Cressi Comanche Spear Gun
Knives Underwater Kinetics Blue Tang (Hydralloy)
Underwater Kinetics Remora (Hydralloy)
Lights Underwater Kinetics Sunlight C8 x 2
Underwater Kinetics MiniQ40
Accessories Underwater Writing Slate
Bag Scubapro Gear Duffle Bag
Items To Upgrade To
BCD Oceanic Outrigger HLT
Regulator Oceanic Delta 4 with Dry Valve Technology
Dive Computer Oceanic Atom 2.0
Gauges Scubapro 3 Gauge Console