Over the years, immortals have graced the realm with endowments and benefits.
In return, players brand themselves and represent the deity of their choosing.

Choose wisely.

  • Siobahn

    *Mischievous to the point of annoyance.*

    She walks in shadows somewhere between the world of men and make believe.
    Though rarely seen her words are often whispered in your ears. Only
    those truely brave deserve her mark upon their brow. She requires
    absolute loyality and for those that break their oath her wrath comes

    Those that Worship Siobahn receive the gift of Shadow Door. The
    ability to open a door to the 3 hometowns with no mana drain.

  • GK

    *He kills god and laughs a lot. (and he's lazy too)*

    Gk is both provider and destroyer- to be blessed by him is to be
    blessed indeed. He is the god of agility and speed, conqueror of
    all reality and dream. Beware his wrath, for he wields the beasts with
    one hand, and the elements with the other.

    In the days of the thunder, the voice of the gods shall sing as one
    hailing the mighty Gk as Emperor and master of all that is, has been,
    and will be. Fire shall rain from the skies and the weak shall flee;
    for his minions shall rise. Those that impugn shall be cast down and
    the birds shall feast upon their souls and pluck their eyes from the
    very sockets that hold them.

    Followers of Gk are blessed with the 'vox dei' (voice of god), they
    have the ability to crystalize and shatter any weapon their opponent
    holds, for this is the gift from Gk, the master of the elements.

    Te Deum laudamus Gk.
    (we praise thee, O Lord Gk.)
    In hoc signo vince!
    (by this sign you will conquer!)

    Gk grants his loyal followers the Gambit of Fire, the ability
    to endow a weapon with damage potention above and beyond any other
    like it, no gift is without a price however..

  • Saelack

    *Master of passion and life, Lord of Death and sorrow. *

    Saelack is the Master of spirit, passion, life, love and lust. He is the
    Lord of Decay, despair, sorrow, and death. He creates, and destroys and
    reshapes the Laws of Chaos as he see's fit, and his ways and influences
    reflect that paradoxial erraticness. Saelack's power over the dead, and
    the mysteries of the life force allow his followers a certian degree of
    control over these mystic forces. Expect the unexpected, because thats
    what his nature is.

    Lord of transportation, founder of the Bank and invention and adventures
    in his bones, stout as no other has been. In his current shape he has
    chosen the form of a tall blond human, as a reminder to his mortal days
    as a famous thief. The only things that seem to hint a long gone
    humanity are his raging red eyes.

    Saelack's Spirit Mastery
    This spell remains on the caster for a limited duration,
    and during that time, when a successful kill is done, the caster
    retains some of the victims spirit, restoring his own, this takes
    the form of hitpoints, mana, or movement.

  • Skalizar

    *Master of the Codex Mudicus*

    Skalizar - the god of magic and balance and master of the codex mudicus.
    He expects and demands a great deal from his followers. He can be harsh
    and cruel to the unworthy, and very generous to those who are loyal and
    faithful. His memory is long however, so those who dissapoint him will
    have to work even harder, if they wish to get back in his good graces.

    The followers of Skalizar are able to learn the true nature of any magic
    that has been cast upon them. To use the power, cast the spell: 'analyze
    magic'. The nature and duration of any active spells will be disclosed.

  • Kaytra

    *Goddess of Questing and the Evil Pumpkin Queen*

    Kaytra - The Goddess of Questing. Kaytra is devilish by nature
    and mischevious at heart. Kaytra dances among the pumpkins of her
    pumpkin patch breathing life into them by drawing her evil powers from
    the dark shadow of the Emerald Moon. She
    will appear to deserving mortals in her chosen form - a beautiful pixie
    with long golden hair brushing past her shoulders, though, the glowing
    brilliance of her deep emerald eyes truely sets her apart from any
    mortal. Many within the realms of AstroMUD have heard of the legendary
    stories of the quests Kaytra demands, only the truely brave and
    adventurous dare to apporach her to request them...those that complete
    them are rewarded well for their efforts.

    Those that choose to follow Kaytra are granted the powerful ability to
    scry - the ability to focus your inner energy and look across the
    realms undetected by the inhabitants and visitors to this world.

  • Gohan

    *The God of Heroes and Guardian of the Code *

    Brandees of Gohan are granted the power of Kamehameha, the ability
    to concentrate all your mana into a powerful attack.

    The power of this attack is unmatched, and as such, is a large drain on your
    spirit. Use the power of the Saiyans wisely, and you shall prosper.

  • Marissa

    *The Goddess of Justice*

    Marissa is the Goddess of Justice.
    She believes in the protection of individuals and the keeping
    of social and political order without prejudice or favor. She
    assists loyal followers when possible and can often be seen
    around the Realm helping those in need. Her vengeance is swift
    on those who displease her but the devoted are richly rewarded
    in return for their faith.

    Marissa's followers are granted the ability to cast swift, to call
    upon her powers to hasten their speed and block attacks.

  • Syd

    *Evil Tyrant of the Abstract.*

    Syd is all that is random, abstract and evil. Those that oppose him
    are laid to waste, those that follow him are rewarded handsomely. One who
    wears the mark of Syd upon their form are feared by even the most
    sinister of creatures. But as with all things, this comes at a cost.
    It has been statistically proven that followers of Syd are just as
    likely to go insane as they are to wake in the morning. Some see this
    as an added bonus.

    Followers of Syd are immune to most aggressive mobs, and do not require
    high levels of charisma to avoid being attacked. Auto aggro mobs are not
    afraid of Syd branded players, and will still attack you. This is a passive skill.

  • Demos

    *Evilest of them all.*

    Demos is, quite simply, the most evil of them all. His followers have
    been granted the ability of Tranquility.

    Tranquility is the safest place on Astro. Food is provided, and there
    is a sense of calm peacefulness, allowing you to regenerate faster
    than normal. This room is quiet, and mobs cannot summon you out.

  • None

    If you choose not to be branded by a deity, you are one tough cookie.
    You don’t serve anybody, and nobody serves you!