Journey’s End

By Mirara, 12/30/98

  • I meandered down the byways

    High adventure was my quest ...

    And I wandered up the highways

    Hardly taking time to rest.

  • I met bandits at the passes,

    As precariously I climbed ...

    Shared a pint with lads and lasses,

    As in wayhouses we dined.

  • Fought fierce dragons in the caverns,

    And harpies in the skies ...

    Marvelled at majestic wyverns,

    Heard the wild black raven's cries.

  • And when I'd tire from my rambling,

    At the sunset of my trial ...

    With heavy eyes, my feet a-stumbling,

    I'd trudge that last eternal mile ...

  • Sweet Delos is my Journey's End,

    Yes, this home is my heart's quest ...

    And no matter where the road will wend,

    Will be in Delos that I take my rest.

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